Engineering investigations require considerable knowledge and experience, and often demand rare combinations of persistence, organisational skill and attention to detail.

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Structural analysis and related activities typically demand high level intellectual ability and thorough familiarity with an extensive range of codes of practice, access to relevant professional tools, and trustworthy industry contacts.

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Comprehensive and ethical reporting, accurate and unambiguous documentation, the clear exposition of findings, scientific and logical assessments, and appropriate recommendations are essential to sound engineering practice.

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Practical and economical designs greatly enhance the viability and functionality of any engineering undertaking.  The achievement of such outcomes depends on the assistance of suitably qualified, capable and experienced professional support

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Hooley & Associates - Engineering Consulting
welcomes your visit to this website.

Since commencing consulting operations in 1997, our company has established a reputation for competence in providing a wide range of professional engineering services to individuals, organizations, industry and commerce. Our clients regularly engage us to provide thoroughly engineered solutions and sound professional advice on a diverse range of project types from resolving major infrastructure issues to dealing with basic residential matters. Our success is based on decades of experience in private and public service practice, university teaching, industry involvement, and the provision of expert witness services.

The ability to deliver quality engineering solutions across a broad spectrum of engineering projects is under-girded by our longstanding commitment to detailed technical research and application. Hooley & Associates - Engineering Consulting maintains close liaison with its key partners and the client throughout the duration of each project. Whilst our professional capabilities have been maintained and refined over many years, key factors in our engagement are our personal attention to each client, and our thorough consideration of every project detail.

Our underlying philosophy is to always provide the best possible and most practical engineering advice consistent with the highest ethical standards and professional best practice. A hallmark of Hooley & Associates - Engineering Consulting is the provision of honest, efficient service with an emphasis on reliable, technically sound, practical, cost effective solutions. We concentrate on understanding our clients’ requirements, and on providing tailored, functional and serviceable solutions to every project criterion.

Hooley & Associates - Engineering Consulting take as much care of your interests as we do of our own.

Should you require further assistance, a friendly and dedicated consultant will be happy to respond to any enquiry.